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Technology Tips for Small Business.  

Steven G. Atkinson, owner and Chief Consultant of E/S Technology Consulting, based on Maryland's Eastern Shore, writes informational tips on technology for businesses. He has published a book of tech tips titled Technology Tips for Small Business.

Discover: “When is a Toll Free call not free?”
Or:           “Is VoIP the right fit for Small Businesses?”
Or:           “Does your number mean anything?”.

Although the title implies that these tips are for Small Business, many of the tips are valuable to the smallest of business, The Family.  Everyone will be able to learn something from this book, such as the “5 things to do after getting a new computer”.

He is still publishing tips which can be found at

He writes a few other blogs, the links for those are at left.


Kim, A reviewer, 03/17/2007 Customer Rating for this product is 5 out of 5
For the family too!
I read lots of information concerning my cellphone and computer which will be very handy from now on. I recommend this book for everyone!


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